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How Much Space Do You Need for Indoor Golf Simulator

Indoor Golf Simulator

Tennis have you ever struggled to hit the golf ball in the right way or feel the charm of the legendary golf course in the warm glow of a cottage? Well, not all golf lovers are fortunate to make this dream come true with the help of modern indoor golf simulators.

But before you start sketching out your dream setup, there’s one crucial question to answer: how much space for golf simulator?

Truth be told, there isn’t any ‘base solution’ regarding such matters. Still, with the introduction of more and more alternatives that provide great opportunities for virtual flying, it is possible to find the best-suited solution for any home.

Here’s the breakdown to get you started: industry research indicates that a contemporary facility interior golf simulator needs a plan of 14ft width, 18ft depth, and 10ft height.  This is suitable for most golfers to make a swinging arc and it secures enough space when simulating a real ball flight.

But do not worry, cramped golfers with little space!  This guide will endeavor to discuss the various factors that determine space needs and look closely at possible solutions before you start build your own golf simulator in the light of limited space. 

Well, fasten your seatbelt and take your ‘driver’ metaphorically (this time) as we attempt to introduce you to the best indoor golf solution for your home regardless of size!

Chart Analysis: Space Needed for Golf Simulator 

Here’s what a chart analyzing space needed for a golf simulator might look like:

Ceiling Height8 ft9 ft10 ft
Playing Area Width9 ft12 ft14 ft
Playing Area Depth12 ft16 ft18 ft
Total Space108 ft²192 ft²252 ft²

Additional Considerations

Swing Style:

More space is required behind the hitting surface to have a full swing, especially when using wood.

Launch Monitor Technology:

Some launch monitors need the user to stand a specific distance from the hitting area for measurement purposes.

Screen Size & Projector Placement:Screen Size & Projector Placement:

This suggests that while larger screens may be better suited to conveying a lot more information, they may also need to appear at a greater depth to be optimal.

Furniture & Amenities:

Contemplate space required for seating, greens that could be integrated, additional features, etc.


  • Restrictions concerning the minimum distance may hamper golfers’ swing dynamics and the flight of their shots.
  • Perfect is an easily defined term, but its usage in golf is fairly complex because of the natural limitations most golfers encounter when playing.
  • The total area is determined by the width and depth (for example, 12 ft by 16 ft = 192 ft of space).

The following are approximations before built-in equipment, with specific space needed for golf simulator and its requirements possible for particular options and amenities.

Ideal Room Size for Golf Simulator

The concept of investing in indoor golf is unbeatable, especially to golf fanatics who want their houses to be the ideal room size for a golf simulator.

The size of the surface you plan to use for the golf simulator installation also matters. The size of the space defines the reality of comfort, the result, and the feeling that the golfer gets. 

Here’s a detailed look at the ideal room size for a golf simulator: 

Minimum Height for Golf Simulator

Some basic considerations include the minimum height of the golf simulator, which should be 8 feet. This height enables basic setup on the power tee and helps to prevent the golfer from striking the ceiling as they swing their clubs.

However, for a more realistic home theatre experience, the height should be about 9 feet tall. This extra foot of space allows the golfer to swing without restrictions and incorporates ceiling-mounted ball-firing systems.

Ideal Width Requirement

The room’s height should be sufficient to accommodate the golfer and her clubs and to minimize the chances that the golfer will hit the wall while swinging the golf club.

The minimum width is suggested to be 10 feet. This width enables basic configuration and provides enough space for the golfer to swing.

The dimensions needed for golf simulator should be between 12 and 15 feet for a better audiovisual experience. This extended space permits adequate comfort in handling the golfing instruments, particularly the clubs, for the golfer without hindrance.

It also makes playing golf more comfortable as there is less congestion and restriction on movement within the golfing arena.l

Ideal Depth Requirement

The room’s depth is crucial in providing sufficient space for the launch monitor, the impact screen, and the projector. The general depth requirement is 12-16 feet minimum, 25-30 feet for the swimming area.

This depth is instrumental in ensuring that there is enough storage space for the required equipment and making it possible to implement the most fundamental configurations of it.

This is why it is recommended that a depth of around 18 feet should be utilized to make the games more realistic. This additional depth is beneficial in allowing for minimum space for golf simulator to swing the club and in better tracking of the golf ball trajectory.

As a result of this, it also provides a more realistic environment than conventional indoor simulators, and may even feel as though one is actually on an actual course.

Ideal Room Size

Based on the minimum room dimensions of the data projector, the actual room size for golf simulator can vary, with the general recommended dimensions of 16-20 ft width and 12-16 ft length.

It is difficult to imagine, but this room size is just right to achieve comfortable swings and natural follow-throughs and to fit all the needed equipment.

However, it is critical to understand that in most cases, the specified dimensions might only be approximate and will reflect the golfer’s heights, swing type, and other components of specific kinds of golf simulators.

It is still recommended to contact the manufacturer or a professional installer to find out the right room size for this model.


The ideal dimensions needed for golf simulator that will house a golf simulator are fundamental to guarantee a satisfactory, lifelike, and engaging golf performance. 

On this front, the minimal depth is recommended to be between twelve and sixteen feet, with an ideal depth of eighteen feet.

This is because the room size for the best practice requires an area of around 16-20 ft in width and 12-16 ft in length to accommodate a comfortable swing, trajectories, and all the required equipment and balls.

The minimum height for golf simulator is recommended to be at least 8 feet, while the optimal height is 9 feet. It is important to note that the minimum width should be 10 feet, while 12-15 feet is recommended. 

FAQs: How Much Space for Golf Simulator?

Can We Set Up A Golf Simulator In A Small Room?

Thus, even hosting a golf simulator in a small room is possible but impractical. According to the research, the actual space of the golf simulator should be at least 10 feet wide, 10 feet long, and 8 feet deep. This means a 5-foot-high screen was recommended to create a conclusive and lifelike feeling.

What Is The Minimum Space For Golf Simulator Required?

For a more comfortable and realistic space for golf simulator, it’s recommended to aim for:

  • Width: 12 to 14 feet (3.6 to 4.3 meters) wide.
  • Depth: 16 to 18 feet (4.8 to 5.5 meters) deep.
  • Height: 9 to 10 feet (2.7 to 3 meters) high.

Could I Consider Using A Golf Simulator In A Garage Or The Basement of Your Home?

Yes, a garage or basement remains a viable place for the installation of a golf simulator as long as there is ample space coupled with adequate ventilation. However, factors like soundproofing and lighting should sometimes be considered when laying out the set to make it as comfortable and realistic as possible.

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